About Us

The founder of Derbianus Game Breeders, Dr Anton De Swardt, has been involved in the wildlife and game industry for in excess of 15 years and in the recent past particularly in the specialist breeding of rare game, including Sable antelope Hippotragus niger niger, disease free Buffalo Syncerus caffer and Nyala Tragelaphus angasi.

Due to the success of the breeding conducted, it was decided to proceed with a private conservation initiative for the prevention of the extinction of the Lord Derby Eland and a separate 30% black owned entity was established for this purpose. Extensive investigations were undertaken in West and Central Africa, Cameron during August to December 2012 in order to determine the viability of such a project which has proved to be viable.

It is the vision of Derbianus Game Breeders to assist in the conservation of the largest and arguably most magnificent antelope on the African continent, the Lord Derby Eland Tragelaphus derbianus, through the establishment of an ex situ breeding herd in South Africa.

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